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About us

With manufacturing back as the lion of the British economy, Ash & Lacy Perforators are flying the flag for the Midlands through innovative products and services.
Located in the heart of the Midlands, Ash & Lacy are the UK’s leading manufacturer of high specification perforated metals and expanded metals that are used to create products for the aerospace, automotive, IT and construction industries both for the home market and export.

The modern and busy factory in Smethwick employing over 70 people is fully equipped to cater for all types of projects, as are the highly trained and dedicated workforce. Ash & Lacy work to precise and meticulous standards of quality control so training and investment in people and machinery is paramount.

You can now personalise your indoor and outdoor living space by adding a custom made piece of Vision Art.

Unlike common perforated sheets, which usually have a uniform perforation pattern, Vision Art allows you to create a customised perforation pattern based on your favourite picture.

With endless opportunities, customised perforated metal allows clients to add their personal touch to the work. Vision Art is ideally suited for interior and garden designs, allowing you to be inspired by the world around you and develop a stunning piece of metal art tailored to your requirements.

Furthermore, perforated metal patterns have already been used to produce visual images for cladding and decorative applications in towns and cities across the UK. The innovative designs are giving buildings a somewhat new unique artistic look, therefore drawing attention to the buildings and their designs.

Vision Living is a unique service allowing customers to include their personal touch on interior and garden based designs. However, if you are unsure on a design, we can suggest ideas that may be suitable for the effect or style you require.